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An avid diver and an avid amateur photographer were thrown together in a project at a large imaging company at the dawn of digital imaging. The photographer, recently returned from a vacation in the Islands, was dissatisfied with the pictures he had captured with a waterproof camera. He realized they could be digitally modified to look far better. The diver asked for a few of his own images to be improved. Impressed with the results, the diver created a printing service for underwater images.Fast forward 15 years. The diver, now marching to the beat of his own drum, contacted the photographer and asked, "Hey, ya wanna re-start the band?""Sure! Why not?" replied the photographer, recently 'surprise retired', and they started down the path to helping people to get better pictures.With the help of a far-flung team of excellent people, we bring you Vivid-Pix, easy-to-use software that brings back the splendor of your underwater experience. And it’s great topside, too!


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